What is Destiny Tuning? How You Can Make Use Of It?

COVID has given us new insight to see ourselves

We need to understand that we control our mind. We are not the slave; it is our slave.

Let me tell you by a simple example

Every day when you go to bed, what do you think of?

How my day was?

My boss!!!!! Workload?

Wife? Girlfriend?????

Money problems? More problems?

And then in the morning, the cycle continues.

We need to get our of this cycle and break the monotony. I will tell you a secret about how you can achieve the maximum in your life.

This is so simple even I did it and achieved great outcomes. This is through increasing your worth in life through destiny tuning


Destiny tuning is so simple. It is a law of attraction that works the way a manager works only for the same frequency.

If I sleep every night thinking about problems and problems, the morning results in more problems. So you see…

This is us who can change this whole cycle of life with tuning and deciding what to do of our lives

So LITERALLY life is what you think of it.

Try going to sleep with good thoughts like your moments which you cherish the most.

The most memorable vacation

The best meal you had.

A best friend whom you went out with and made most of it.

ALL POSITIVE you will see that the next morning you will wake up energized and happy and full of life.

You plan better

You perform better

And you can take charge of your own destiny. That means you tell life I am going to do better every day and no one can beat it.

So how you can tune your destiny?



Destiny tuning was first coined by Heather Matthews who start to realize that her own life needed change. After she started working on the law of attraction theory, the next thing she did was Manifestation Miracle.

Manifestation miracle works if you know your path and work along with it. It needs us to be Positive and have a positive outlook on life.

So when we think positive things, they start happening as the law of attraction attracts positive energy towards us.

Until one day you feel tired of trying it and you say:

“ I am tired.”

“let me skip it today.”

“Oh, I think it has stopped working. Yesterday I messed up again.”

“Who bothers!!”

Now if you really want to change your path and destiny, you have to change yourself continuously too.

You should be persistent and stay focused. It might happen as if you are feeling the burden of goodness too much.

We never realize that our body needs tuning too. So, destiny tuning is also personality tuning. We should do a thing to relax in life.

So let me take you back in your life

Are you working tirelessly?

Do you feel stiffness?

Anything that has been bothering you lately?

Do you feel burdened?

Do you feel conflict with your positive energy?

This resistance or conflict needs to be addressed too.


manifestation miracle

Well, start one thing a day, go one by one. Be persistent

Persistence is the key to destiny tuning.

Should we give ourselves some time and change to get destiny tuning and to achieve manifestation miracle?

Let me take you step by step through this so you can get the results to the optimum level.

You need to realize that the more we work, the more we feel pressurized by our daily routine.

We need to break this conflict to let our daily life be full of positive energy and take destiny in our own hands.

Follow the steps if you feel resistance and conflict in achieving your goal:


When was the last time you felt relaxed??

What do you love to do?

Good coffee?? Books? Music?

Unwind yourself by doing the thing you love. Give some time to yourself so you can feel the energy.

This way we get into “receiving mode” referred by Abraham Hicks


Everyday routine and achieving the goal pressures us to the extent that it becomes a habit. We get up and get along with our routine.

Slow down to know and see things in perspective.

When we move fast, we ignore small things and forget small happiness.

So we need to slow and enjoy…..

A good meal

A good book

A new movie or the movie you are craving to see.

This makes a lot of difference when we enjoy things in life to get the best out of them and let positivity surround us.


Relaxing yourself with natural elements is the best way to get to unwind yourself. Do things that involve natural elements.

You can take an early morning walk to get some fresh air or swim so you can release your negativity in water.


Good sleep is a start to a new and fresh day. Try sleeping early and waking up early.

This is good to focus and let the tiredness go away that will release stress and burden from your mind.


Don’t pressure yourself with achieving everything in a short time. You can’t make your manifestations happen in one day. The key to achievement is to let things happen.

Let nature do good things for you. When you are in receiving mode, things will happen gradually.


Destiny tuning allows you to take charge of your happenings around you. It is the best way to achieve your manifestations.

The way you move forward with your life is to allow yourself some time. Relax and get a good sleep.

Do what you like and take one step up every day towards the manifestation


Life is meant for you, and you are not meant for it.



Written by Marie

For over 10 years, she is helping business owners, employees, athletes, and people from all walk of life to create their life as they want.

She has helped millions of individuals to achieve success in their life, along with that she has personally worked with 2800 students and delivered motivational speeches in more than 20 countries.

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