How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs And Manifest Anything You Want

If you a deep look into your life, do you see the pattern?

It seems like you are living life on a repeat. If you look at your relationship with your friends, your financial situation, your workplace, your health, or any area of your life, it seems like you are trying to improve for ages.

Every time you promise yourself, it will be different, it rarely is.

So, what holds you back?

When I was in my 20s, I used to make a promise to start jogging on Monday morning. But, without fail, I find myself making the same empty promise on the next Sunday night because I fall back into my old habits every week.

Looking back, I always think I can’t do it, I don’t have time, I can’t follow this healthy lifestyle for an extended period, and for that reason, I never tried to start. I hold these limiting beliefs in my life that stop me from manifesting the life I want for myself.

In this article, I am going to show you what are these limiting beliefs, and how to tackle these mental blocks. Then, I’ll show you how to identify and overcome these limiting beliefs.

So, let’s start with what limiting beliefs are.

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the thoughts that are hidden somewhere in your mind and holding you in some way. And because of these beliefs, you are avoiding doing certain things. These beliefs want you to play safe and hold back due to fear.

You probably know our sub-conscious mind is largely responsible for our decisions. However, do you know the sub-conscious mind accounts for 95% of all your thinking? This means very little left for our conscious mind to decide.

Furthermore, your beliefs live in this part of the mind that you don’t have the second guess. And many beliefs are largely set even before you reach the age of seven. These beliefs created in your mind when you were a child and they become so strong that you stop questioning them. Although, they are different for everyone.

Let’s take a few examples of these limiting beliefs that holding you back.

Examples of Limiting Belief

#1 “I Don’t Have ____.”

Money, support, time, skill, motivation, knowledge… fill the blank with whatever limiting belief you have.

One of the prime examples that come into my mind when it comes to this limiting belief is, I don’t have enough time to go to the gym. Many people are doing very hectic jobs, but they still managing time for the gym or for any other activity that keeps them fit and healthy.

Another one is, I don’t have enough money to go to school. And because of this limiting belief, you are not growing and may stay in an unfulfilling job.

#2 “I Can’t ____”

This is one of the common beliefs people have.

If you think you can’t sing, swim, run a marathon, or speak in front of people, then tell me how much effort you put in trying them? If you keep on believing you can’t do these things, you simply can’t.

#3 “I Am Not ____ Enough.”

  • Wealthy
  • Attractive
  • Skillful
  • Athletic

Maybe you think you can’t run a marathon because you are not athletic. Or maybe you are not attractive to meet with certain people. Or when your dream job is available but still you don’t apply because you think you are not skillful or don’t have enough experience.

#4 “People Don’t Like Me”

Our opinion about people is as limiting as our beliefs are. You have one such social experiment, and you think no one likes you. When the truth is, people don’t know you and they don’t have any opinion about you.

But, you already formed your opinion about them and now your limiting belief is not letting you go to them and make them your friends. This limits your potential growth.

#5 “I’ll Get Hurt If I Love Someone”

It may be your fear of rejection that holding you back from approaching the certain person you want in your life. Or, your past broken relationship makes you feel all relationships will end in pain. Or, you may grow up in a family in which parents fight with each other and that makes you feel it is better to remain safe and avoid relationships.

No matter what the reason is, if you limit yourself from getting into a romantic relationship with another person, then you will not get all the benefits and joys you will get from being in the relationship.

How To Identify Your Limiting Belief?

write down

Note: You only have to identify those limiting beliefs that truly impact your daily life.

For example, I had a limiting belief about snakes. I believe snakes are bad. Although, this belief can stop me from going to hiking or limit me to hiking where there are no snakes, but it will not impact my long-term goals. And because of this, I don’t consider it to be something that I want to identify and overcome it.

You have to identify those limiting beliefs that stopping you from living a fulfilling life.

Ask yourself, what areas of your life that truly stress you out, and you are not trying to fix them? It can be your financial situation, your career, your health, or your relationship. Are you financially secure? Do you like your career? Are you having good health? Are you in a good relationship?

If you came across an area of your life that makes you dissatisfied, then you have to fix it. It may be your limiting belief that is stopping you from making a change in your life.

I’ll give you my personal example, there was a time when my health often makes me dissatisfied. Whenever I looked at the mirror, I feel something bad in me. To identify what stopping me from improving my health, I make a list of all my beliefs surrounding my health. The list looks something like this:

  • I don’t have time to go for jogging every morning
  • I have to clear my apartment installment
  • Gym is very far from my place
  • Gym membership is too high (although it is less than $30)
  • I can’t go for Yoga classes as I have a child

With this list, you will see why it is difficult to pursue a change in your life.

Try this exercise and make sure you are brutally honest when listing down your beliefs.

Once you write down these beliefs, you have to sort them according to the belief you feel that stopping you the most from making a change. Which of the belief, if eliminated, will make the biggest impact on your life?

Once you identify these limiting beliefs, it will be easy to overcome them.

How To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs?

Your limiting beliefs are stopping you from having the life you want or from manifesting your dreams. To overcome these limiting beliefs, you have to replace these limiting beliefs with the empowering ones.

You have to focus on one limiting belief at a time. Ask questions to challenge that belief and find out what actions you can take to overcome this mental block.

Here’s the question that can help

Am I Really Sure This Is True?

Do you have any evidence to support your belief? For example, if your belief is, ‘Nobody Likes You’ then do people actually come to you and tell you this? Is there really not a single person that wish you on your birthday? Are you not getting along with ANYONE at work?

Another question you can consider asking yourself is what will happen if you tell your limiting belief to another person? Imagine you are telling your friend that you don’t have time to go to the gym. It might be possible you’ll get an answer something like, “I don’t think I also have time for the gym, but I bring gym clothes in my bag and after work, I go straight to the gym before going home.”

Another example is, imagine if you are telling your co-worker then you don’t have money to go to study then you might get an answer something like “I didn’t think I had money either, but I took a loan, get a part-time job and make it happen.” Do you think many people have money lying around to pay for a degree? No, most of them don’t have but they somehow manage to do it.

By answering these questions yourself, you are encouraging your mind to think out of the box. And your mind is a powerful machine as it can bring ideas that can bring riches. You are challenging the validity of your limiting beliefs by asking these questions.

Remember, it’s important to understand your limiting beliefs started out as a mere idea, then covert into opinion, then they become a belief. Although your belief might look truth to you, but they are just your perspective. Once you start doubting your limiting beliefs, they will start disappearing. You have to build the “I CAN” attitude.

Feel The Pain For Not Overcoming Your Limiting Belief:

The next step is to feel the pain of holding your beliefs for your whole life. What will happen if you don’t get rid of your limiting belief? For example, you never get fit and healthy if you don’t join a gym or adopt any healthy habit. This belief may hurt you in the future when you get some serious diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressire, knee problem, etc.

As you’re considering the consequences, you are allowing yourself to feel the pain of holding your limiting belief. Feel the pain of lying in the hospital bed and feel the sense of regret for not starting exercises. Feel the pain of not meeting new friends, or getting into the relationship. Feel the pain of not having a dream job and not fulfilling your family’s needs. Think about the worst possible situation.

As you feel this pain, you are motivating yourself to get rid of these limiting beliefs that holding you back.

Replace Your Limiting Belief:

Empowering beliefs

Replace your beliefs with the ones that actually support you to improve your life.

For example, think to yourself, “If I start exercising now, I will not have health problems in the future. I don’t have to pay heavy hospital bills. I don’t have to suffer the pain. I will have the energy to travel around the world. No more diabetes, blood pressure issues, and clothes will fit nicely.”

Imagine yourself as one of your friends. How will your friend convince you to improve your health? Try to look at your belief from an outside perspective, and you have to think very objectively. What advice will you give to a person who has a similar limiting belief as you have?

This little technique will help you to replace your limiting belief with the empowering ones which will align yourself in the line of the life you want. To find empowering belief, write down your goal, become the person you want to become, and think like someone who wants you to pursue your goal.

For example, if you want to obtain your dream job, then you have to develop skills that is require for that job, then build confidence, have a positive attitude, and consider your obstacles as an opportunity to learn and grow. You have to adopt this mindset and repeat it again and again until you believe it.

Final Few Words On Identifying and Overcoming Your Limiting Belief

Keep writing down your limiting belief and replace them with the empowering belief with the steps laid out in this article. You have to get rid of limiting beliefs which are stopping you from making and bringing positive change in your life. You have to do this especially to those areas which make you dissatisfied.

As you start overcoming your limiting belief, you have to write down how your behavior changes. Doing this will give you the motivation to challenge more of these limiting beliefs.

That’s was all from this article, if you have questions, suggestions, stories, feedback then feel free to share them with us in the comment box below. Let’s start a meaningful conversation so we all can grow together.












Written by Marie

For over 10 years, she is helping business owners, employees, athletes, and people from all walk of life to create their life as they want.

She has helped millions of individuals to achieve success in their life, along with that she has personally worked with 2800 students and delivered motivational speeches in more than 20 countries.

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