Manifesting Love: How To Manifest Love In 10 Steps

Manifesting love is not as difficult as it seems, but it only works if you know the right steps. So, how to do it? What is the right way? How to manifest love with the right steps?

These are the questions that I often get in my inbox. It seems like manifesting love is difficult for many people. For this reason, I decided to write down this article to give you tools, guidelines, and blueprint to show you, “YOU CAN MANIFEST ANYTHING YOU WANT!” – even your soul mate.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to these ten steps to manifest love.

10 Steps On How To Manifest Love In Your Life

#1 – Believe In Yourself:

Yes, this is the most important step.

How are you going to achieve anything if you don’t have a strong belief in yourself? It seems many people have problems with believing in their own qualities and abilities, but it can be fixed with the skill of ‘believing in yourself.’

You have unlimited potential and can manifest anything if you believe in yourself and on the thing that you can achieve it.

Belief is the most powerful emotion in the Universe… It is a foundation of any religion, and it is a founding stone of all big achievement man have achieved.

So, never underestimate the power of belief.

#2 – Love Yourself:

Practice Self-Love

If you want to attract someone to love you, then you have to be that first person. You have to love yourself, you have to take care of yourself, you have to appreciate your abilities, and you have to give respect to yourself.

Look yourself in the mirror and love what you see in it.

This will help in building confidence and self-esteem, which are both necessary in attracting and keeping the ‘special’ person in your life.

So, if you want to get love, then give love, to everyone starting YOURSELF. Remember, like attracts like – it always works.

A simple exercise, but it works.

You can start giving love to yourself RIGHT NOW! Hold your hand, and KISS IT. Yes, I mean it, do it now and repeat loudly “I Love Myself.” I always kiss myself when I wake up in the morning.

#3 – Make A Strong Decision:

You have to find a calm and relaxing place to make a decision. Meditation can help you to gather your thoughts and get organized. Ask yourself, what is your deepest passion? What is the purpose of your life? And most importantly, what qualities you want to see in the person with whom you want to spend your whole life?

List down all qualities you want to see in your soul mate, and try to match yours, decide how you want to be treated in the relationship, and what kind of person will be best for you.

Although, you are not showering these qualities in your future partner, what you are doing will help you in finding a relationship that based on mutual understanding.

Write down all these qualities in a piece of paper or in your journal.

Make sure you set your expectations reasonable and don’t expect your future soul mate to be perfect in every way. We all make mistakes, and we all have flaws.

Condition yourself in such a way that you are ready to accept that. Imagine living your remaining life with the soul mate with whom you can’t imagine living without him or her even for a second.

Finally, make the decision about how the person will look like, and from now do everything you can to HAVE IT in your life.

#4 – Make Yourself Presentable:

Get Ready Smartly

This is a very important step but often overlooked by many people. Overthinking causes wrinkles and it is normal for us to get busy in our busy lives and forget about trying a new hairstyle, matching clothes, or wearing proper makeup (for women).

You don’t need to dress extravagantly, but all I am saying is you have to follow proper hygiene, and always look fresh, so you remain top of your game when you have a surprise encounter with the person you want to manifest in your life.

Will you able to bring the spark in the relationship if you look dull and outdated?

So, it is important to take care of yourself, and always try to look presentable, even if you are going for grocery shopping.

#5 – Remain Positive In Anything and Everything:

To be positive means you have to be positive in your words, thoughts, and deeds. This is only possible if you create positivity in all parts of your life and make it a habitual way of living.

One thing cannot make you feel better if it doesn’t correlate with the other, for example, saying flowery words for a person or to a person, but deep inside you have jealousy (or any negativity) about them, then it will no way make you feel good. Therefore, SAY what you really mean it.

Forget about things and memories that make you sad, angry, and fearful.

Stop worrying about situations that you can’t change. Just focus on the love that awaits you and believe it is coming your way. Stay positive, and you will start attracting positive things in your life.

#6 – Take Action, And Interact:

meet people

It’s time for the action. Don’t sit and wait for someone to come in your house. Explore your life and the people around you. Meet new people and interact with new people every day. Just sitting and waiting around for a change will not do anything good for you.

You have to keep your mind and eyes open. Become friend of your friends.

No, that doesn’t mean you have to go on blind dates and go outing with anyone you find.

Instead, you can continue on your routine work, but just add a few more activities in it, like, jogging in your neighborhood, doing volunteer work, going to parks, gyms, clubs, events, concerts, etc.

You will never know when and where you can find your soul mate – and when you find one, don’t shy from sending a smile or interacting with them.

#7 – There’s No Such As Rejection:

This step may sound ridiculous to the people who are hurt by rejection in the past. However, my sincere advice to them is to don’t take rejection to heart. It is just a change in mindset.

Even I got a few rejections in my life until I got YES from a lovely, and caring soul mate.

Thomas rightly said,

Rejection is just a universe way to protect you from someone who is not the right fit for you so that space can be created for someone who actually fits in it.”

You have to take out this fear of rejection from yourself because when you do it, you are more likely to go after what you really want and actually have it in your life.

Although, being positive and having the ability to don’t take rejection to the heart isn’t easy. However, many manifestation experts believe the universe has your back. If you believe you can have it, then YOU WILL GET IT.

#8 – Re-Establish Your Connections:

dinner at restaurant

You never know if your soul mate is the one you already know or someone who never met before. So don’t ignore any opportunity to meet new people, attend reunions, catch up with a friend, have a coffee, and go to your favorite place.

You have to keep smiling because you never know your soul mate may be seeing you from somewhere and falling in love with you.

Is there anything to lose if you let happiness flow when it all starts with a mere smile?

So, reconnect with old friends – call them and have a talk with them or plan outing with them. Be proactive, don’t sit and do nothing, take action and find your ideal partner.

#9 – Live Happily:

You have to feel happy, no matter what circumstance you are going through. After every night, there is a bright day with new opportunities.

Happiness is something that comes from your inside thoughts and feeling. It is not something that comes from outside situations or events.

Don’t be jealous if you see any happy couple together. Always be happy for them. Whatever you put in, will come back to you. If you put love and happiness, then this is what you will get in your life.

Soon universe will deliver your rewards, and you will have love and happiness in your life. Remember, you are searching for ‘love’ and not happiness because happiness is already present inside you. You have to utilize this power and positive energy to manifest love in your life.

#10 – Be Grateful For Whatever You Have:

Although, I have put this step in the last but this is the most important step to manifest anything in your life – and not just love.

You have to be grateful for whatever good things the universe has already delivered to you, and you should send your thankfulness for everything that is coming to your life. Although, you can’t see them with your eyes but have a strong WILL POWER and you will attract all the good things that you want in your life.

A Simple Exercise For Gratitude

Every morning when you wake up, take your journal and write AT LEAST three things that you are grateful for. Do this for at least 60 days, and you will start seeing positive results in your life.

Your Two Hidden Powers

have strong believe in yourself

Your belief and hope are two powers that you should always utilize them. These two powers can bring anything you order in your life. Never let these two powers vanish from your life.

You should believe strongly in yourself and the power of the universe (God, sub-conscious, or whatever you call it.

So, never give up! Have a strong belief in yourself, you will get a reward in your love quest because you deserve the best. Don’t fall in the trap of finding the love in the wrong person, or finding true love in the wrong places.

With a positive mindset, strong persistence and determination, the best results will come to you.

Have belief, faith, and hope!

That’s was all from this article. If you have any questions, stories, or suggestions, then feel free to share them with us in the comment box below.


Written by Marie

For over 10 years, she is helping business owners, employees, athletes, and people from all walk of life to create their life as they want.

She has helped millions of individuals to achieve success in their life, along with that she has personally worked with 2800 students and delivered motivational speeches in more than 20 countries.

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