How To Manifest Your Ex Back In 30 Days

I just remember vividly that it was raining outside. I was crying too much to notice anything around me.

In my hand was the letter by my boyfriend that he was breaking up and had already moved his stuff out of our mutual flat.

For me, this was the worst thing. I was asking questions to myself:

“Am I too boring for him now?”

“Has he got another girlfriend already?”

“Am I unattractive?”

“Where was I wrong in our 4-year-old relationship?”

Well, this could have happened to anyone. But for me, I was totally heartbroken

Day and night, I was only thinking about my ex and the relationship we had shared. I started losing my focus from daily life and job.

I had read about the Law of attraction and manifestation and had tried it successfully a few times. Now here I wondered if I could use it in the case of my boyfriend.

Yes but I need to realize a fact too. Although I wanted to get back to my ex, I had no idea if he wanted the same.

I realized it and will tell you how I got him back. Now Tim and I are stronger than ever. We even are doing much better than before.

Here Is My Secret!!!

improve your relationship

Now I really hope no one goes through the pain, but it is a reality. Today I will offer you help to get this manifestation miracle work for your boyfriend.

I know how you must be feeling right now if you have gone through this. If I can hug you, I really would.

Having a soul mate is so much to you that others will never get it. I have dealt with a few negative people myself along this journey, but I kept my hopes high.

I would try to tell you that happily ever after exists but don’t push yourself a lot in a relationship.

If the presence and existence of the partner aren’t making you happy and you are making too many sacrifices, then you are already attracting negative energy in this relationship.

If you have been on and off too frequently with your partner, you must think if you really want your partner back.

Having too many negative instances in a relationship will weaken your manifestations over time and it might not worth even a tear.  You need to understand the fact that relationships are meant to make two people complete and happy.

Everyone Wants To Be Happy

Even if you want to get back to your ex, you must understand that there is someone else who also matters in this relationship. It is your partner.

Your partner has a life too and he is free to decide whom to be with.

What you manifest can be counter manifested by what your partner wants.

You cannot force someone to think about what you are thinking. Similarly, you cannot manifest a good relationship if your partner has negative energy towards it.

The Law of Attraction will not work in a situation when it is counter manifested by someone else.

Don’t Be Sad

Even if you can’t change the Law, yet free will can be influenced. You can choose the path where you can guide the free will.

When your ex lets the resistance go away, the Law of Attraction will start its miracles.

Give Your Partner Some Space

What is important for every individual to have their own space where they could think and lead their life. If you are constantly trying to contact your ex, it will already have negative energy in the relationship as one partner is not happy.

Once your partner has stopped thinking negatively about the past relationship, the negatives vibes will weaken, which will make the manifestation work.

Try “No Contact For 30 Days”

Let them miss you

You might think that is crazy and doing this will allow your partner to go away, think again. If your partner is not coming back, it might be because there is no space for them to consider the positivity you both had.

It is very important to make the positivity flow and for this, you should not have any contact with your partner for 30 days.

This 30 days no contact is:

  • No calls to your partner,
  • No messages to your partner,
  • No liking or commenting on social media posts.
  • Avoid attending your ex’s call and messages.

Also, try not to go to the places where you are likely to meet your ex. This is to keep a safe distance from each other until you have laid to rest the grievances and negative feelings you had for each other.

Try Using Social Media Less Often

Try not liking a lot of posts on social media. Keep distance with your ex on social media and don’t like or comment on their posts.

Similarly, don’t post about your life too much. Don’t act desperate to show you ex that you are happy without them or sad. Both could invite unwanted attention and could result in too much negative energy directed towards you.

This distance will give you both some time to focus on your lives and try refocusing on the positivity you had in your relationship.

If your ex starts reminiscing about the good time you both had together, this will make his negative energy down and your manifest miracle can start its work.


Try practising your manifestation technique at this time so you could direct the positive energy to your relationship in this period. Once your ex’s resistance is down, the positive energy is directed to him and manifestation starts working.

Think of you two being together. All the happy moments you shared and how this relationship had made you happy and complete.

I know that no contact time is very hard, especially when you are thinking about them 24/7. Still, it is for the best for both of you.

Calling your ex, messaging them, continuously following on social media could be very negative not only for your relationship but also personally as an individual. The more you are trying to contact your ex; you are making your relationship difficult.

You have to take some action in this non-contact period.

Try to work on a positive mindset. This quality is bound to attract anyone towards you.

Look your best.

Feel best.

Dress up all for yourself.

If you are feeling better, the world is more beautiful and meaningful around you.

This positive self-development will not only keep you busy in no contact period but also will make you come over the negative and bad feelings you had about your relationship.

Some Tips For Your Time In Self Development

  • Keep healthy by healthy eating.
  • Practice a healthy habit regularly. Join a gym; regularly go to morning jog or a relaxing evening jog.
  • Making time for a recreational hobby, like gardening or taking photographs.
  • Practising meditation and yoga for spiritual well being.
  • Spend time with family and friends.
  • Limit your time on social media
  • Practice Self-love

Amongst all the above activities, meditation and yoga will have a lot of benefits. It creates a trance-like state for you in which you refocus yourself and take some time in solitude to think about your positive side of life. These vibes certainly affect the manifestation miracle in a positive way.

What If Your Ex Contacts In No Contact Period

your ex calls you

It is always better not to call or text back.

If there is anything urgent, keep it polite and minimum. Never try to bring up your past relationship for your feelings are still very raw.

Do not try to sound too desperate. Feel light and calm when contacting them.

Alternatively just leave a small message if it is urgent, keeping it short and the minimum is the key to this process.

What To Do Once The 30 Day Period Is Up.

Ok, so now you contact your ex but keep it very short. Example

  1. If you have any piece of clothing or accessory of them drop a message as “Hey I found your favourite leather belt you used to wear almost every day. Maybe you can come over, or I can drop it. Cheers” (Make sure you have actual thing belonging to them.)
  2. “Hey I was just wondering if you have the number of the recreational place we used to visit together. I’m trying, but I am unable to reach them. I hope things are good.”

Remember, desperation will make things worse. It is an extreme and repels people where happiness and contentment attract them.

What Will Happen Now

  1. If your ex contacts you in one or two weeks

Try not to sound too happy or too sad. Keep it witty and calm for them.  Try not bringing the past to avoid any negative mishap.

  1. If your ex doesn’t contact you for in this period, start the 30-day cycle again.

I know it sounds so stressing and full of sad feelings, but you can never give up on the Law of attraction.

Continue working with your manifestations with positivity and calmness.

Visualize your ex coming back to you or contacting you.

Make a more positive energy flow in your life. But always remember; never give up on Law of Attraction. Yet, don’t stress or tire yourself working with your manifestations. Remember to let it go with the flow.

Always believe that nature works in favour for you once you have positivity and calmness in your life.

If it takes time, it makes it better for your relationship to be reignited on a positive note. Sometimes a tired relationship needs more work to restart.


I mentioned earlier that Tim and I are really doing great.

I have tried and tested the Law of attraction and it has worked for me.

But yet, I will not misguide to or give your false facts.

When you try to attract positivity, nature connects with you, sending you divine signs to make sure that you are going in the right direction. When you set an intention, nature will guide you towards it and connects it to you.

With this, I keep on working on positivity with certain actions.

So when Tim and I were separated, I found a recreational group that worked with self-development. I started going to different groups, where I heard about Brad  Browning and his techniques for self-development.

There was a sudden pull that I felt and I was so sure and confident about it that I checked it out myself.

During the program, I redirected my life in two positive ways…

I stopped feeling miserable and forlorn…

I became more confident, I was sleeping better and I was a more confident individual when I returned to Tim.

Give it a try and you will be amaze how quickly it works.


Written by Marie

For over 10 years, she is helping business owners, employees, athletes, and people from all walk of life to create their life as they want.

She has helped millions of individuals to achieve success in their life, along with that she has personally worked with 2800 students and delivered motivational speeches in more than 20 countries.

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