7 Steps On How To Manifest Money Only Rich People Know

We all want money, and we want it quickly so that we can get out of our financial issues. If you want to attract money so that you can pay out your bills, get out from debts, spend on vacation, or for anything then you need to see these seven steps on how to manifest money.

The process of manifesting money uses the law of attraction, it is a technique that can help people to achieve what they want in their life.

Manifesting money technique requires you to feel as if you already have the money you want to attract.

Also, you have to be clear about how much money you want, when you want that money, and what will you do when you achieve that money.

To be able to achieve additional money in your life, you have to practice below seven steps.  These steps will remove any fear, doubts, and worries and clear limiting blocks that stop you from achieving success.

So here are these seven powerful steps to manifest money

7 ‘Powerful’ Steps On How To Manifest Money

These seven powerful steps will transform your poverty mindset into a prosperous mindset. So let’s drive into them.

Step 1: Visualization Technique To Manifest Money


We have the power to attract anything in our life. In fact, whatever you have in your life right now is the result of your previous thoughts and actions. So this means, visualization has the power.

Visualization is so powerful because it uses a creative part of the mind to make our goals into reality. You have to use the visualization technique every day to manifest money so that it can get rid of the poverty mindset and channel the thought of money you want in your life.

Inside Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill mentioned Visualization was one of the techniques he saw many rich and successful people do every day to attract money, and alter certain events, objects, and situations. So visualization technique is something you should do every day.

How To Visualize Money?

Find a calm and relaxing space in your house (it is good if it is in open-air), close your eyes and take five to ten deep breaths – breath from your nose and exhale from your mouth. Make sure your body is in relax mode while breathing and then visualize the amount of money you want in your life. Make sure you have an exact image of the money amount you want to see in your bank account.

See those money figures in your account, and think what you are going to do with that money? How are you going to spend it?

Practice this little visualization technique every day and see how you start manifesting money in your life.

Just A Side Note: Money Will Not Fall From The Sky, It Will Come Through Different Opportunities In Your Life – Like Pay Increase, Business Contract, Rental Payment, etc.

Step 2: Practice Living A Rich Life Right Now

Yes! This is the step that can help you. You have to practice living a rich live right now. Start spending on expensive daily-use items instead of affordable ones. Usually, the price difference between expensive products and affordable ones are not very high.

For example, the cost between high-end and affordable shampoo is only a few bucks. However, the high-end shampoo will remind you about the luxurious life that you deserve.

Always keep your hope high even if the situation is not good right now. Suppose, if you can’t afford the house in the neighbourhood you like, then visit the place many times a week, see how people live, talk, and react to any situation.

Even if you can’t afford to purchase a house in that community, see if you are able to rent it. Although it will cost you some money, but if you practice living like a rich, the end results will be a happy and fulfilling life. Most importantly, it sends positive signals to the universe. This technique really works, I have personally tried it and it really works.

Step 3: Attract Rich People

rich people

Have you heard this quote?

“If you hang out with five rich people, you will be the sixth one. However, if you hang out with five broke people, you will be the sixth one.”

This is a very powerful quotation, and it shows reality.

Even if you can’t hang out with the rich people, you can join many rich people groups on Facebook. You can follow pages for rich activities like snowboarding, scuba diving, etc.

You can also start visiting places where rich people hang out.

If you have something to offer to your new rich friends, then it helps you to surround yourself with them. Ask yourself if you are bringing anything to this new relationship?

Keep in mind, rich people don’t want to hang out with takers. If your goal is to be taker, then you are going towards wrong direction in manifesting money.

Step 4: Be Grateful For What You Have

Gratitude (being grateful) is one of the powerful techniques to turn around your poverty mindset. Don’t worry too much about making ends meet, and go to bed with clear conscious.

Start by feeling thankful for whatever you have in your life – doesn’t matter how small it is.

By being thankful and acknowledging every money you have, you will realize you have more money than you think.

Smell the money if you want to manifest money. You can also walk into the bank and feel the fragrance of money. This will help you to increase the vibration of prosperity.

How To Smell Money?

It is simple, all you have to do is to take money out from your pocket, deeply inhale the fragrance of money. When you are doing it, imagine you are facing a mountain of cash or swimming in the pool of money.

It is essential to feel you are surrounded by money. Do this exercise every day for five to ten minutes and when you complete, make sure you have a big goofy smile on your face.

Step 5: The Wallet Technique:

wallet with money

The wallet technique is another very popular technique that is used by rich and successful people to change their entire financial status. You have to do this technique to increase your spending limit in your mind.

For example, you have to put some extra money (around $2000) in your wallet but you don’t have to spend it.

When you hang out with the rich people, you don’t need to spend all of this money until it is necessary to do so.

All self-made millionaires tried this technique once in their life and it works. It gives you a feeling that you have money to buy expensive shoes, watches, phones, etc. This prosperity feeling will send positive signals to the universe and eliminate limiting blocks from your life.

How To Implement This Wallet Technique?

Keep at least $1000 in your wallet and go for the window shopping. Instead of buying items, you have to think about why you don’t need to buy it right now.

This technique increases money attracting vibration in your mind, and it makes you feel rich. You can practice this technique anytime you go shopping.

Step 6: Meditation To Attract Money:


Self-made millionaires and successful people often practice money attracting meditation. I recommend you to try this money attraction meditation as much as possible.

It helps you in manifesting money and remove any blocks which stop you from attracting money.

Money meditation technique will help you to get out from poverty mindset like “I can’t afford this”.

Many millionaires tried this technique that means it is a successful technique.

How To Do Money Meditation?

Just like Yoga, find a calming place in the open-air environment, and sit comfortably. Take a long and deep breath through your nose, and make sure your body is fully relaxed with no stress or worry.

Close your eyes and imagine the exact amount you want to see in your bank account. Make sure you feel good when you see that amount in your bank account.

Believe the money you want is already there in your account and you can purchase anything you want with it. Feel and relax, you have to continue this exercise for 30 minutes and repeat this exercise three days a week.

Step 7: Don’t Pray For A Miracle

If you tried all steps that mentioned above and still you are not getting any sign from the universe, then the chances are high that you have negative or limiting blocks that you have to eliminate to clear the path for the money to come towards you.

At the moment, you have the guilt of having a high debt, lack of money, future goals, or it can be anything. You have to eliminate these limiting blocks and live a guilt-free life to attract money.

It doesn’t matter how much you pray for a miracle like winning a lottery ticket, keep in mind, it is just a dream – and the sooner you stop expecting miracles in your life, the quicker you start manifesting money.


If you want to manifest money in your life, then you have to stop expecting to win a lottery ticket can change your financial problems. You have to adopt a clear, active, and open magnetic mindset to start attracting money in your life.

I recommend you to try all of the manifesting money steps that I mentioned above and find out which one works for you. Then stick with it as long as you achieve all your financial goals.

Written by Marie

For over 10 years, she is helping business owners, employees, athletes, and people from all walk of life to create their life as they want.

She has helped millions of individuals to achieve success in their life, along with that she has personally worked with 2800 students and delivered motivational speeches in more than 20 countries.

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